In 2018, roughly a year after us purchasing The Ranch (a former horse farm) we decided to try our hand at raising meat goats. This decision came after much thought and research on how we could continue to improve the environment and have a larger positive effect on the environment. We ultimately chose goats because they are known to browse more than they graze which makes them excellent for weed control, where our other animals sometimes fail. The goats eat things such as vines and other invasive plants that the other animals pass by. We also have high hopes of incorporating them into our Silvopasturing project.

The breed we chose to raise was Boer goats. We chose this breed because while researching and visiting goat farms with my three young children they found that Boer goats had similar temperaments as their grandmother’s chocolate lab. They also came in many different colors. So, throwing all adult logic behind we brought home some Boer goats. We quickly found that these goats are the most affectionate and loving livestock on the farm making them a win for anyone who has children on the farm and want them to truly be involved.

About Boer goats

Boer goats are a true meat breed. They have a fast growth rate with excellent carcass quality and high fertility rates. They are noted for being docile and having superior maternal instincts when compared to some other goat breeds. Boer goats are also known to be hardy and have a high resistance to disease.

Our goal is to raise 100 percent grass-fed and grass finished goats in a way that works in symmetry with the other breeds of livestock and complement our regenerative practices.

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