Our Murray Greys

In 2003, we decided to add beef cattle to our pork, broiler chicken, and egg laying chicken programs. Our land, prior to us purchasing it had been over farmed, over grazed, had major erosions issues and desertification issues. Following the work of Joel Salatin and Allan Savory, we began implementing a high density, multi-species, rotational grazing system and the land immediately began healing. We also began searching out cattle that were proven on grass and had verified records to prove it. This search ultimately led us to Murray Greys.

Since beginning with the Murray Greys, we have worked diligently on improving the breed and improving grass-fed genetics in general. All of our Murray Grey cattle are entered in the Breed plan with the American Murray Grey Association. We purchase and utilize semen from some of the top Grass-fed Murray Grey bulls in Australia, many of which are top performers on the Australian Grass-fed index. We only keep the best performing animals out of our herd as breeding stock. Our breeding animals must be feed efficient, thrive on pasture, be easy keepers, have good feet, exhibit excellent maternal instincts and most importantly grow fat on grass. We are trying to breed animals that consistently grade choice on a grass-fed diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Balanced Genetic Profiles
  2. Feed Efficient — Gain more less
  3. Docile
  4. Rugged — Able to withstand both extreme colds and extreme heat
  5. Carcass Quality — High yielding carcasses that grade
  6. Fertile
  7. Finish on Grass

Our farm went from a farm with erosion issues and multiple bare spots to a lush, vibrant new ecosystem. Seeing these positive changes to the environment continually encourages us to farm more efficiently and in ways that are utilizing animals to heal and improve the environment.

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