At Autumn’s Harvest Farm we raise a variety of different chickens ranging from broilers and domestic egg layers to rare egg layers. At any time if you visit you will see everything from Araucana, Americanas, Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds and anything else my children pick out. We feel too often farmers focus solely on production which doesn’t always fit into our family friendly model. We want the kids to be invested and have fun on the farm, allowing them to have an opinion on what type of chickens we raise, allows them to really feel invested.

About Our Poultry

Our egg laying chickens are raised in a portable chicken houses on wheels. Each house is equipped with solar lights which allows them longer access to water throughout the winter when its dark earlier. In addition, each house has gutters that run to a barrel and then is fed to the automatic waterers. This along with our other solar water system assures a constant flow of fresh water. They have access to shelter 24 hours a day, but can also go outside as they wish. We follow the chickens behind the beef cattle allowing them to pick through the manure, eat all the bugs and spread manure for us. Allowing the chickens to follow nature's natural cycle has assisted us in making some of the world's best eggs and pastures.

Our meat chickens are raised seasonally in portable chicken coops which are rotated over fresh pasture twice daily. Through this intensive rotational grazing system, we provide an abundance of fresh grass, herbs, legumes and bugs for our chickens. All poultry is processed under Article 5A of the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

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