Autumn's Harvest Farm, Romulus, NY

Welcome to Our Farm

Autumn’s Harvest Farm started in 2001. When we started, we had no grandiose ideas about saving the planet or even owning a farm. Sarah and I were out on our first date and she mentioned how she always wanted chickens. She explained that as a little girl she had always tried to hatch chicks in her bedroom dresser that she had snuck from her parent’s refrigerator. On the second date I opted not to buy flowers but instead six little chicks from the local feed store. It is a simple start with six egg laying chickens.

—Tim and Sarah Haws, owners


As our little farm began to grow, we realized livestock were becoming an increasing environmental concern due to the negative impacts on the environment they could have. We felt how the livestock are managed is to be blamed for these negative impacts, not the mere animals’ presence. No one can deny that certain agriculture practices from around the world have had a huge negative impact on the environment. We believe well managed livestock operations can have positive impacts on the environment.

Our mission goes beyond putting meat on your table.

Our mission is to farm in a way that has a positive impact on the environment while raising our animals with the highest animal welfare standards. We want to provide our consumers with a healthy product, raised in a way they can fill good about.

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