Autumn's Harvest Farms, LLC

Chicken and Turkey

Chickens   We offer a variety of different chickens ranging from broilers and domestic egg layers to rare egg layers.  Our broiler chickens are raised seasonally in portable chicken coops which are rotated over fresh pasture twice daily. Through this intensive rotational grazing system we are able to provide an abundance of fresh grass, herbs, legumes and bugs for our chickens . In addition to the broiler chickens we raise a variety of egg laying chickens. Our egg laying chickens are raised in a portable chicken house on wheels. They have access to shelter 24 hours a day, but also are allowed to go outside as they wish. We follow the chickens behind the beef cattle allowing them to pick through the manure, eat all of the bugs and spread manure for us. Allowing the chickens to follow nature's natural cycle has assisted us in making some of the world's best eggs and pastures. All poultry is Processed under Article 5A of the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets.
Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are available fresh the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving by pre-order only. The Turkeys spend their first 12 weeks in portable pens which are rotated twice daily to clean pasture. After they turn 12 weeks they are moved into a free ranging system where they have access to and abundance or trees, brush and long grass to catch bugs in. We currently raise Broad Breasted Whites which are an excellent compact meat bird. They will weigh between 15-30lbs when they are dressed at 18 weeks old. These birds are known for their plump carcass and how well they looked dressed. They have very fine color and do not have dark pin feathers when prepared. We have found that raising the turkeys in this way allows our consumers to enjoy a profound eating experience without jeopardizing the turkey's way of life. These Turkeys sell out fast so please reserve them early to ensure yourself a truly memorable Thanksgiving.   Turkey

Prices and Products

Broiler Chickens - $3.50lb - Whole or half
Stew Hen- $2.50lb
All Natural Large Brown Eggs - $3.50/dozen
Fall Turkeys -$4.00lb - Whole

* All items subject to availability